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  Thursday, March 14, 2024
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Hopefully this is something Simple, but need some assistance with it.

When doing a search on someone within our company, their One Drive content is showing up under
In this particular case, there's a couple confidential docs that are visible to the general public, as well as being downloadable, and editable.
So just want to try something to see if this is just a one off or if it's a potential critical bug.

You should have purchased at one point Office Tabs.
If you have a One Drive, or Google Drive account, make sure you're signed into it beforehand
Do a search on an employee within your company, better if they also use one Drive
Does that employee name you search, show up under the search, with something along the lines of
More from xyz company results.

If you click on the More from, you should be able to see all the documents that that person has on their one drive, while also being clickable, viewable, editable.

I would upload a screenshot, but if I did, then that same confidential info would be visible, which by definition, confidential means, no can see :)

Thanks Please message me if you have any questions.

I'm wondering if because they are autosaving (which if using Word, auto saves to one drive), then somehow a link from the person saving the document is being displayed under the banner when doing a search for anyone in the company, or when searching the company
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