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  Saturday, 08 December 2018
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Using Super Find to select a large number of non-contiguous groups of cells in a spreadsheet. After selecting all these cells at the bottom of the Superfind I attempt to use Copy ranges to copy all those cells I have selected. Copy ranges only listed 178 out of the 400 cells that are listed in the super find. Do I have to manually list those numerous group of ranges at the top of the copy range drop down or is there a way to get copy range to pick up all 400 cells?

I can get everything if I do the select by column but then I still have all the extra cells in each column that I have to delete manually.
Any help is appreciated.

5 years ago
Thanks for contacting us.
Please try to demonstrate your issue with the sample workbook.
And then please try to contact us via with the sample workbook.
Please try to be more specific about your operation.
Thanks in advance.
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