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  Saturday, 01 December 2018
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Many moons ago (excel 2003, I think), I worked for a public accounting firm. We had an addin that basically removed internal links, similar to the break links function. If you have set of worksheets that lead to a consolidated page -- one is the data, and the others generally pull from the data to present the financials. If that data source is in an external workbook -- you would just break links, and values would be in place of the last updated link value in the cells. The on-page formulas -- not referencing other outside workbooks would still remain.

I have financial statements that refer to other worksheets (in the same workbook) for their data. I want the column functions, and computations that exist without a reference to another tab to remain, while I want the values that come from another tab to be just values. Currently, I copy/paste values inside each table, but it is very tedious -- something that would love for a snazzy tool to be created. Does Kutools do something like that?
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